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What We Do

Preventative Care

There’s a real reason behind why a good dentist talks so much about Preventative Care. It’s the most important dental care there is.  Regularly scheduled cleaning and exams with x-rays are necessary to keeping your teeth healthy and can save you so much trouble and expense in the long run.

We all think of dental care as something to be done to prevent periodontal disease and tooth decay, and for the earlier detection of oral cancer. What many people don’t realize is that inadequate dental care is a major factor contributing to overall poor health and disease in other parts of your body, from heart disease and diabetes to lower birth weight babies and respiratory infections. That’s why we’re here to help you take care of your teeth.


Tooth discoloration can be caused by any number of things: genetics, smoking, certain medications,  coffee, wine and dark beverages, and more.

Whitening is an easy way to brighten your smile, and the modern methods we offer to achieve whiter teeth have become more and more effective. We can help you with both in-office procedures or take home kits. Call us to find out more.

Sensitive Teeth

Constant pain from sensitive teeth can indicate a serious problem, but occasional sensitivity is also something to be concerned about.

Sensitivity can be caused by receding gums, fractured or chipped teeth or clenching and grinding, and happens when the hard enamel of your teeth no longer protects the softer dentin inside.

If you have pain or sensitivity that is triggered by hot or cold food or drink, or by sweets, please talk to us about it so we can help.

TMD, Grinding your Teeth, Clenching your Jaw

Bruxism, which is grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw, can lead to serious problems including fractures of your teeth and what is known as TMD (sometimes incorrectly called TMJ), a disorder of the jaw joint and facial muscles.

One out of every four people has some form of this problem and it is caused not only by stress, anxiety or sleep disorders but by abnormal bite and missing or misaligned teeth.

There is pain, discomfort and potentially serious damage attached to these conditions, but it is something a good dentist can help you with, so PLEASE discuss this with us and let us help.

Composite Fillings

The technology involved in fillings has advanced tremendously in recent years and we stay right on the cutting edge with our procedures and the materials we use.

Forget those old silver fillings, the white fillings we use now can be matched to your tooth’s exact color. We can replace those old fillings for you if you want, and we still have amalgam fillings available as a restorative option.

Our White Filling may even be covered by your insurance, so please talk to us about it.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a simple procedure with little or no discomfort. It’s needed because there is a constant risk of infection when the soft tissue inside your tooth gets damaged or diseased.

What is called root canal therapy removes the damaged soft tissue inside your teeth and can be combined with a crown to strengthen and seal your tooth against future problems. It’s a procedure we are very familiar with, so don’t be afraid to discuss it with us.

Crowns and Bridges

When there has been significant damage to a tooth, a crown (or cap) can be placed over the tooth to strengthen it and make it as safe as possible against future damage and disease.

A Bridge replaces missing teeth. Unlike a partial denture (one of the alternatives to a bridge) it replaces missing teeth with a non-removable (or fixed) prostheses.


Dentures (called prosthetic teeth) are needed when damage or disorder results in missing teeth. Not only can this be unsightly but it inhibits proper mastication of food and promotes poor nutrition. The choices you make on what food you will eat and how you will nourish your body are directly influenced by your ability to chew food.

Unlike most other dental offices, we feature our own on-site lab for the creation and repair of dentures.

Not only do we custom make the exact prostheses you need, we work with you to customize your insurance, payment and financing options.

We’d be happy to explain everything involved in getting you exactly what you need, so please give us a call or stop by to find out more.


Dental Implants can result in a more stable, comfortable and secure substitute for missing teeth, and a smile that looks and feels very natural.

It involves a procedure that directly connects the support for your new teeth right into the bone of your jaw.

Please talk to us to find out if you can get the benefits of this method for improving your health and your smile.